How we authenticate

Every piece of designer clothing that you buy on our site can be considered an investment. You invest in yourself, in your lifestyle, in the way people perceive you as a person. We ensure that all of the fashion pieces and accessories we sell online are 100% authentic. We inspect the products’ packaging, materials, details, labels and tags, logos, and serial codes, to determine when it was made, and where.

There are three important factors to consider when authenticating products. Here’s what we do.

Checking the materials

Every product is designed and manufactured by its respective brand owner. We hire an expert to check the materials with which all products are made of, to make sure they depict the product’s description. Since some products are made of fur, leather, and exotic skins, we make sure everything is in order, as is written on the tag.

Flawless design

All designer clothes and accessories are valued based on flawless workmanship. We check the prints, stitching, and logos to make sure none of them are damaged or misplaced. To explain, every Michael Kors handbag is perfectly hand-stitched and with great precision, which is why they are highly valued in the fashion world.


To further make sure that a product is how we depict it to be, we use magnifiers to compare fonts and every marking on the bag. We do this more than once, for every product we examine. All items have designated measurements, which is why we’re obligated to confirm each bag’s size, each shirt’s length, etc. All designers have their own way of manufacturing and add details to these luxury pieces, and that’s where we start and finish. Our products come directly from their warehouses in Italy, France, the U.S.A., and any country from which a designer originates, along with their fashion collections.

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